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Full Teacher Certification Program

The Full 600-Hour Classical Pilates USA Teacher Certification Program consists of two parts. They are:

1. A total of three System Workshops (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Systems) consisting of two to three (2-3) days each. These Workshops are given during the 600-hour Program and are headed by U.S. Pilates™, LLC Teacher Trainers, all whom are either Second Generation Teachers or Teachers certified by Second Generation Teachers (“Third Generation Teachers”). The use of Second and Third Generation Teachers ensures the highest quality of Classical Pilates Education.


2. Apprenticeship Training which includes the following for a combined 600 hour:

a. Observation and Personal Training

b. Assisted Apprentice Teaching

c. Independent Apprentice Teaching


The amount of time for each phase is at the sole discretion of U.S. Pilates™, LLC and the Center Director. Exams are given at 200-hour intervals and are administered by the Center Directors and/or Teacher Trainers. The final 600-hour exam must be taken with one of the Program Principals once the Apprentice has attended all three System Workshops and completed all phases and exams successfully.



The workshops covering all the apparatus and mat work are broken down into three segments, two to three (2-3) days each, Required reading books will be reviewed and the Apprentice will be tested on these books.


Part 1: Basic Systems Workshop

Beginner system focuses upon technical and teaching aspects of all of the apparatus at this level minus the pedi pull. Modifications for physical limitations are taught.

Part 2: Intermediate Systems Workshop 

Intermediate system follows the teaching progression to this level, and outlines the appropriate evolution of the client. Modifications for physical limitations are taught


Part 3: Advanced Systems Workshop

Focuses on the Advanced and some Archival exercises and breaks down the more highly customized needs of the client through identifying weaknesses, or injuries, and applying Classical Pilates. Modifications for physical limitations are taught.


*In the event, there are fewer than four (4) apprentices scheduled to attend a workshop at a specific U.S. Pilates™, LLC Certification Center, the Workshop is subject to cancellation at the sole discretion of the U.S. Pilates™, LLC. In this case the Apprentices would be required, at their own expense, to attend the Workshop(s) at other U.S. Pilates™, LLC Certification Center. In addition, all scheduled workshops are subject to rescheduling at the sole discretion of the U.S. Pilates™, LLC.



1. 35 private sessions inclusive of up to 10 mat classes given by an Instructor certified through the U.S. Pilates™, LLC, United States Pilates Association LLC ® and/or a Classical Instructor approved by U.S. Pilates™, LLC at its sole discretion (collectively referred to as “Certified Instructor”) are prerequisite to applying to the Program. 75 private sessions, inclusive of the prerequisite 35 total classes, as referenced above, are required during the  Apprenticeship prior to graduation. At least 35 private sessions must be taken at the Certification Center of origin.


2. Personal interview & practical assessment at the Certification Center of origin with Center Director or Teacher Trainer. Complete Written Application inclusive of all items on the Application Checklist.



Apprentice Tuition

Payment Option 1: $5,000 tuition

$500 deposit with application

$4,500 due upon acceptance into the program

Payment Option 2: $5,300 tuition*

$500 deposit with application

$2,500 due upon acceptance into the program

$2,300 final payment due two weeks prior to the Intermediate Workshop


*U.S. Pilates,LLC must grant approval.

Tuition does not include:

  • Prerequisite interview & practical assessment ($100.00 paid to Center Director)

  • Cost of mandatory private sessions taken prior to and during the Program.

  • Cost of liability insurance (required for each Apprentice including the Bridge Program)

  • Cost associated with traveling to Workshops and/or exams (if applicable).

  • Testing every 200 hours, and/or re-tests, where necessary.

    • 200 hour Practical and Written Assessment: $75.00

    • 400 hour Practical and Written Assessment: $100.00

    • 600 hour Practical and Written Assessment: $125.00*


*All 600-hour exams are only given by the following:

Brett Howard at the Pilates Haus in Jersey City, New Jersey

David Freeman at Zoeli Pilates in Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Jennifer O’Mara, Teacher Trainer at The Pilates Loft, Orlando, Florida

At the sole discretion of U.S. Pilates, LLC, arrangements can be made to have the test conducted at another training center by a Teacher Trainer. All Full-time and Bridge Apprentices will be given a copyrighted U.S. Pilates™, LLC, Classical Pilates™ USA Teacher Certification Program Manual comprised of three (3) volumes (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced). No manual will be distributed until tuition payment is received in full. 

Cancellations prior to official Program Acceptance will result in a $100 application processing fee, which will be deducted from the $500.00 deposit and the balance will be refunded to the applicant. ALL payments made subsequent to Program acceptance are NON-REFUNDABLE. Once accepted into the Program, the full tuition will be due and payable even if the Apprentice, for any reason, does not complete the Program. Refunds, if any will be at the sole discretion of the U.S. Pilates™, LLC. Prior to the receipt of a fully completed application, Candidates will be contacted by the Certification Center to schedule their interview, and practical evaluation.


The Apprenticeship consists of 600-hours of time electronically logged with U.S. Pilates™, LLC, United States Pilates Association LLC ® and/or a Classical Instructor approved by U.S. Pilates™, LLC at a recognized Certification Center or other training center approved by in writing by the U.S. Pilates™, LLC. A minimum of 200-hours must be logged at the Certification Center of origin. In order to meet the allocated one-year time frame to obtain certification, 60 hours of documented practice per month are necessary for active Apprentice status, along with monthly attendance at Apprentice meetings at the center of origin. U.S. Pilates™, LLC reserves the right to terminate Apprentices who do not adequately satisfy all requirements. Special exceptions can be made only at the sole and absolute discretion of the U.S. Pilates™, LLC. Apprentices shall submit a written request specifying reasons for requesting an exception which shall include a plan for completion of the Program. Electronic Apprentice logs will be issued to each Apprentice and must be completed on a weekly basis for review by supervising instructor. Apprenticeship must be completed within one year of entry into the Program. Program extensions for extenuating circumstances are granted at the sole and absolute discretion of the U.S. Pilates™, LLC. Apprentice must submit to the U.S. Pilates™, LLC a written request setting forth in detail the extenuating circumstances and plan for completion of the Program at least 60 days prior to the end of the Apprenticeship first year. Apprentices in the Full Teacher Certification Program will not teach clients outside of the Certification Center of Origin until they have graduated from the Program. Apprentices in violation of this policy will be expelled from the Program without refund.  During the Program, Apprentices shall be required to teach at the Certifying Center of origin and the Apprentice will receive compensation at the minimum hourly rate permitted by law or at a higher rate at the sole discretion of the Center Director. Exceptions and modification to Apprenticeship requirements may be granted in the U.S. PILATES’s sole and absolute discretion.



There is a Practical and Written Assessment given upon completion of each 200-hours of the Apprenticeship phase. Exams are evaluated (pass/fail), and Apprentices must pass the requirements at each phase prior to proceeding to the next phase. This process and the costs associated with the Assessments are overseen by the Training Centers. Apprentices are NOT allowed to observe other Apprentices testing. Testing will be done only by Instructors selected by U.S. Pilates™, LLC.


Levels of Exams:

200 hour Practical and Written Assessment

400 hour Practical and Written Assessment

600 hour Practical and Written Assessment

If the Apprentice fails to Pass, the following steps are to be followed

1. 1st failure requires an additional 10 hours before retesting

2. 2nd failure, and each additional failure, requires an additional 25 hours

3. A retest fee in the amount of $75.00 will be charged for each additional 200 and 400-hour retest. The retest fee for 60-hour exam is $125 for every additional retest.


Leave of Absence Policy

The Apprenticeship reflects a physically intense learning environment. Apprentices with extenuating circumstances may request a leave of absence for a reasonable amount of time. Leaves will be granted at the sole and absolute discretion of U.S. Pilates™, LLC. Apprentices who have been medically rendered unable to exercise for 30 days, must obtain a doctors’ note for reinstatement. Apprentices shall submit written requests to U.S. Pilates™, LLC outlining in detail reasons for a leave of absence.


All Apprentices upon successful completion of the Classical Pilates USA™ Teacher Certification Program are required to attend 8-hours of Continuing Education annually in order for their certificate to be renewed. Credits are collected during the calendar year (January through December) for renewal of the upcoming year. Continuing Education Credits are only earned if the credits are being offered by the U.S. Pilates™, LLC. If Continuing Education credits are not completed during the calendar year, a compliance fee will be imposed to have renewal certificate issued. A certificate will NOT be issued without the proper number of Continuing Education credits.

Year 1: Instructor takes 8 CE credits. A Renewal Certificate is issued.

Year 2: Instructor takes 0 CE credits. No Certificate issued.

Year 3: Instructor takes 4 CE credits. No Certificate is issued.

Year 4: Instructor takes 8 CE credits. A Renewal Certificate will not be issued. Instructor must complete 8 credits in year 5 and in year 5 a Renewal Certificate will be issued provided the Instructor pays $600 representing 8 missed credits in year 2 and 4 missed credits in year 3 for a total of 12 missed credits @ $50 per credit).

Where more than one year goes by with the required number of Continuing Education credits not being taken, the instructor will be responsible for paying the compliance fee of $50 times the number of credits short of the required 8 annual. A compliance fee of $50 per credit for each credit not taken will be required to reinstate instructors Teaching Certificate.


Example 1:

Year 1: Instructor takes full 8 CE credits. A Renewal Certificate is issued.

Year 2: Instructor takes only 4 CE credits. No Certificate issued.

Year 3: Instructor takes full 8 CE credits. A Renewal Certificate can be issued once payment of $200 ($50 x 4 credits for Year 2) is paid. This will bring certificate up to date. Instructors who allow more than 2 consecutive years to pass without taking proper amount of continuing education credits must then maintain two consecutive years of full CE credits before an Instructor Renewal Certificate can be issued. Instructor will be required to pay the Compliance fee of $50.00 per missed CE credit before the certificate will be issued.


Example 2: If Instructor fails to take required Continuing Education for 3 consecutive years, then no new Certificate will be issued. U.S. Pilates™, LLC will submit to Instructor upon request a Compliance Plan in order to get reinstated. Terms of the Compliance Plan will be determined at the sole discretion of the U.S. Pilates™, LLC.

*Seminars and workshops that are taken for continuing education purposes may also be canceled or rescheduled at the sole discretion of the U.S. Pilates. Pilates Instructors taking a workshop or seminar for continuing education credits will be entitled to a refund upon such cancellation or, if requested, upon rescheduling. U.S. PILATES Certified Instructors may attend Workshops offered at any U.S. PILATES Certification Center but shall only be given Continuing Education credits when said attendance is paid for in accordance with U.S. Pilates™, LLC published rates.

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