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Pre-Pilates and Modifications presented by Brett Howard


Upon purchase, please provide desired release date to watch the recording. You will recieve seven (7) days to review and watch. Upon completetion a questionnaire link will be provided. 


This recording is Copyrighted Material that is the property of U.S. Pilates™ LLC and Classical Pilates USA™.  You are PROHIBITED from sharing this recording and/or  making copies of this recording or the material shown in this recording and/or sharing this copyrighted material with any other person or any other entity. Any violation of this prohibition, without the EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT OF U.S. PILATES™ LLC, may result in your immediate suspension, exclusion and/or permanent expulsion from the U.S. Pilates™ LLC and its Classical Pilates USA ™ training and continuing education programs as well as any other remedies provided by the copyright laws of the United States. Thank you for your adherence to this policy.

Pre-Pilates and Modifications, Recording

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