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My name is Jennifer O'Mara and I am a Principal and Senior Teacher of Teachers for U.S. Pilates LLC

My Story

I currently own and operate The Pilates Loft and have been doing so since 2003. I graduated from the University of Florida, with a background in Exercise Physiology with an emphasis in Physical Therapy. I studied Pilates under and was certified by Romana Kyrzanowska, Joseph Pilates’ protégé, in 2000. With a specialization in spine care, I have found an easy transition from helping people find relief in the physical therapy arena to using Pilates to strengthen and eliminate most pain associated with the back and neck.

With a physical background beginning in gymnastics as a youth, power lifting through college and marathon training currently, I use Pilates as a form of cross training to improve flexibility and core strength.

In 2009, The Pilates Loft was named a certification center and I was invited to be a Teacher of Teachers for U.S. Pilates LLC. Since that time, I have continued my education with Brett Howard, the Director of Education for the program, and continue to pass valuable knowledge on to my Instructors and Apprentices.

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