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MeJo Wiggin


MeJo's story

MeJo began her Pilates study with Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska in 1990.  She was fortunate to study with many renowned teachers including Sari Mejia Santo, Kathy Grant, Jay Grimes, and Bob Liekens. By 1995 she was teaching next to Romana at Drago’s Gym in NYC and she earned her certification in 1996. She was later certified again by Romana in 2003 as a Level III Teacher Trainer for Romana’s new school, Romana’s Pilates. MeJo is recognized as one of the leading Teacher Trainers and practitioners in the world. Romana often referred to MeJo’s work as “poetry in motion,” and she awarded MeJo with a Gold Card in 2002 for her advanced abilities. MeJo is featured in over five DVD’s, including the Romana’s Pilates Mat Series, Romana on Pilates: The Legacy Edition; Pilates Revealed with Jay Grimes, and her own videos: 20 Minutes Twice a Week and The Gratz Arm Chair. MeJo has appeared on national television and has been written up in numerous publications for her expertise in Classical Pilates. While running her own studio for 13 years in Greenwich, Connecticut, she became sought after for her keen eye and skillful hands-on approach that has changed hundreds of bodies. Her students have included Pilates teachers and apprentices, celebrities, professional athletes and dance companies, movie stars, and supermodels. She has also applied the method to help students suffering from injuries, scoliosis, back pain, and many other conditions. As MeJo’s work gained recognition doctors from the renowned Hospital for Special Surgery in NY referred their patients to her for rehabilitation pre and post surgery. Today, MeJo is a strong advocate and example of the classical Pilates method. She is sought after for her captivating seminars in the United States, Europe, and Russia. She teaches private lessons in New York and Connecticut. MeJo’s mission is to continue teaching and inspiring students and instructors worldwide in the classical Pilates method. 

Visit MeJo at: and follow her on Instagram @mejowigginpilates.

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